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About Author and Notary Chris Morgan AKA DR. Notary

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Chris Morgan has been a practicing notary public in the State of California for over 30 years. Over the years, he has notarized several thousand documents in his various capacities as a notary. Chris started training notaries as a statewide instructor in 1993. Three years later he formed his own school, The Notary Public Institute. He then contracted with community colleges, state colleges, and adult schools throughout California to provide face-to-face classroom training at their local locations. This allowed Chris to train notaries at local facilities in their own communities. Since 1993, Chris has trained over 30,000 individuals to serve as California state notaries. Chris is the author of four training manuals, for notaries, and he co-authored two other training manuals.


In addition to training notaries, Chris also teaches public policy, public finance, and economics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Chris holds a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Master’s in Economics, and a Master’s in Public Administration.


Chris is a well-known consultant, writer, speaker, and lecturer in California. Chris’ expertise as a lecturer and consultant, on notary issues,  has earned him the nickname “Doctor Notary”. I’m sure that you will find his training to be informative, insightful, straightforward, and (as much as possible) a pleasure to study. There is no other course that can better prepare you to take and pass the California State notary public examination. After completing your coursework, you will be prepared and confident when you sit for

your notary state exam.

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Author and Notary Chris Morgan loves hearing from those who have found the material from The Notary Public Institute useful or those who want to share the pros and cons of their experience. To reach out, leave a comment within the comments section.

The mock tests, exams, practice quizzes, and other course material allow you to identify areas of weakness that foster mastery of material. The approach from Chris Morgan helps you perform satisfactorily on the test and in the field. Start your journey now to be part of the Dr. Notary difference.

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